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Thousands of years within the Earth’s destiny, people have lengthy vanished from the planet. Evolution has produced a bunch of wondrous and clever beings: shape-shifting wonderful Grouts with globes of sunshine atop their skulls; creatures descended from plants; and large swarms of bees which can bore excellent holes via steel or bone.

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CLERGY The entries for the powers detailed here follow a standard format. : Power Ranking of Plane Name‚ Alignment Alignment abbreviations used throughout each deity’s entry are: LG=lawful good, NG=neutral good, CG=chaotic good, LN=lawful neutral, CN=chaotic neutral, N=true neutral, LE=lawful evil, NE=neutral evil, CE=chaotic evil. TURN UNDEAD: CMND. UNDEAD: P ORTFOLIO: DOMAIN NAME: ALLIES: F OES: SYMBOL: WOR. : These are the topics, things, ideas, or emotions over which the deity had dominion, power, and control and about which the deity was concerned.

Each person wields magic in a different way, causing both diverse methods and results. For instance, Johann and Wanda own a bakery, so they have each learned a cantra to make the bread rise faster. While Johann recites a short rhyme which causes the yeast in all nearby loaves to act at ten times the normal rate, Wanda must sprinkle a pinch of flour over each individual loaf, causing it to instantly rise. The effects of a cantra should be determined by the player, with the DM’s approval of course, either when the cantra is learned or when the character is created.

Netherese priests were limited in spell selection by the winds made available to them. Priest spells were divided into winds as shown on Table 2. The winds that existed were: transcendent, terrestrial, sporadic, prevailing, predictable, zephyrous, perpetual, buffering, and wandering. Priests select their spells from the winds indicated below under the descriptions of the gods, their churches, and their priests. Spells not shown on the table are either not available or available only to priests of a particular faith.

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