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By Rodney Castleden

Status within the left baggage workplace at Brighton station, the executive Constable used to be searching for clues. A corpse in a field is mostly plagued by forensic proof. And the woman's bare pregnant torso appeared wanting to display the key of her gory dying and the whereabouts of the remainder of her physique. examine The Brighton Trunk homicide in Barbaric Murders besides many different ugly real-life tales of kid sufferers, lady-killers and our bodies in boxes.

St William of Norwich, William Andrew Horne, Captain John Sutherland, Esther Hibner, John Bell, Rev Thomas Hunter, Constance Kent, Carl Bridgewater, Michael Helgos and Jon Benet, Francisco Arce Montes, William Corder, James Greenacre, Oscar Slater, Kate Webster, Arthur Devereux, Maria Goold, The Brighton Trunk homicide

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After her death, Frances Colpitt’s body was examined closely and found to be in a dreadful state as a result of sustained maltreatment by the Hibners and Ann Robinson. At the trial of the three people who had abused Frances Colpitt, the apprentices themselves gave evidence of the cruel regime they had been subjected to. Mrs Hibner said she would leave her defence in the hands of her daughter. The daughter said the apprentices had lied about the way they were treated. Ann Robinson took the same line of defence – that the apprentices were lying.

He seemed to have no apprehension of the terrible consequences of the proceedings. He remained firm throughout. Whether this was due to bravery – the British stiff upper lip – or lack of imagination or sheer stupidity is impossible to tell. The judge gave an emotional address leading up to the sentence of death, yet the boy showed no emotion. The only point in the proceedings where he showed any emotion at all was when it was revealed that his body would be handed over to the surgeons in Rochester for dissection.

After his death, he was to be hung in chains on the road between Edinburgh and Leith, with the murder weapon stuck through his severed hand and mounted over his head. Thomas Hunter was executed in this barbaric way, a revenge execution in every way appropriate to Hunter’s barbaric revenge double-murder, on 22 August, 1700. Constance Kent ‘the dead baby in the privy’ In June 1860, Constance Kent, who was then sixteen, and her younger brother William Kent were back from school for their summer holiday.

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