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By James H. Fetzer

When you've got ever been tempted to think that President Kennedy was once killed through a lone,demented gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, then Assassination technology is the only ebook to be able to persuade you, past any average doubt, that there has been certainly a conspiracy and a cover-up. thoroughly missing the wild hypothesis that experience marred a few books at the taking pictures of JFK, Assassination technology sticks to the challenging proof, interpreted by way of scientific and clinical services.

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Two or three shouted in his ear, 'Did y ou do it? "' 4. In the 20-20 story which ABC did on my book, the network re­ ported on an examination of the Johnson log for the time period while Oswald was being attended. Quoting historian William Manchester, ABC reported that Johnson had j ust told Bobby Kennedy, "We've got to get involved, we've got to do something," or words to that effect. Once again the lAMA articles are incorrect. There is clear and convinc­ ing evidence of both the White House telephone call and the presence of federal agents in the operating room-as I stated.

In an earlier version, he referred to this volume by its tentative title as the place where his original 6,800word article could be found. lAMA refused to publish it in that form, no doubt not wanting to print a line that read, "The AMA Cover-Up in the Assassination of JFK". In an apparent effort to distract attention from Crenshaw's piece entirely, it was listed on the contents page in tiny type under the heading in bold type "Obituary Listing". In "Dennis Breo's Reply" (lAMA, 24/31 May 1995, p.

On 6 October 1993, he sent the enclosed diagrams to me, which are published here for the first time. ] T he most striking feature of the articles published in lAMA, however, is that they are not carelessly composed; on the contrary, as Kizzia has ob­ served, they "were masterfully conceived, slickly written and cleverly worded to give the superficial impression of being based on scientific research". What to this day continues to bother me is the extent to which lAMAs ' behavior harmonizes with instructions disseminated by the CIA for coping with critics of The Warren Report [Editor's note: See Appendix M].

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