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Urza Triumphant.The struggle among Urza and Mishra is over. Brooding at the demise of his brother by the hands of extraplanar forces, Urza drifts one of the planes.But the top of the Brother's warfare has reworked him into anything better. Deep inside his middle, a spark has been kindled to a flame that can not be quenched.Urza has develop into a planeswalker.

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If there was a way to Phyrexia, it was somewhere within Koilos. Urza left tracks in the dust as he searched for a sign. The sun had set. Koilos was tomb dark. Urza's eyes made their own light, revealing a path, less dusty than any other, that led deep into the cavern's heart. He found a chamber ringed with burnt-out powerstones. Two sooty lines were etched on the sandstone floor. Marks that might have been Thran glyphs showed faintly between the lines. Urza used his eyes to scour the spot, but the glyphs-if glyphs they were-remained illegible.

The Yotians were planning an ambush, the Phyrexians were planning an ambush, and you weren't wise to either plot. Waste not, want not, Urza-if the Phyrexians had Ashnod before "The Dawn of Fire," how did she manage, thirty years later, to send Tawnos to you with the sylex? Or was that part of a plot, too? A compleat Phyrexian doesn't have a conscience, Urza. A compleat Phyrexian doesn't feel remorse; it can't. " "He couldn't. He'd been suborned," Urza shouted. "Usurped. Corrupted. Destroyed! He was no longer a man when I faced him in Argoth.

He'd believed that Mishra was dead, and had been stunned to see him advising the qadir. He, Urza-gods and ghosts take note-had suggested that they should talk, and Mishra had agreed. As Urza recalled the conversation, Mishra had been reluctant, but that was Lynn Abbey Page 25 Artifacts Cycle Book II Magic the Gathering Planeswalker his brother's style, petulant and sulky whenever his confidence was shaken, as surely it would have been shaken with the Weakstone burden slung around his neck, and the Phyrexians eating at his conscience.

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