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By Eoin Colfer

Sign up for the area of "Artemis Fowl", the number 1 bestseller by means of Eoin Colfer. hearsay has it Artemis chicken is chargeable for each significant crime of the recent century. simply twelve years outdated and already he's a felony genius, plotting to revive his family's fortune with a place of corruption and kidnapping. Kidnapping a fairy for ransom, to be unique. Artemis chicken has chanced on a global lower than flooring of armed and unsafe - and intensely high-tech - fairies. yet he could have underestimated their powers. they are going to struggle again. Is the boy approximately to set off a cross-species conflict? enable the misadventure start. "Fast-paced, tongue in cheek ...laugh-out-loud". ("Sunday Times"). "A large hit". ("The Guardian"). "Artemis is a superb creation". (Anthony Horowitz). Winner of the WHSmith Children's e-book of the 12 months Award and Children's booklet of the 12 months on the Children's publication Awards. it truly is shortlisted for the Whitbread Children's booklet of the 12 months Award. Eoin Colfer was once born and raised in Wexford within the south-east of eire. He begun writing performs at an early age and, as an grownup, persevered to put in writing. "Artemis Fowl", his first ebook that includes the intense younger anti-hero, was once an instantaneous foreign bestseller and gained numerous prestigious awards.

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