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By Robert Asprin

Skeeve used to be a magician's apprentice--until an murderer struck and his grasp used to be killed. Now, with a purple-tongued demon named Aahz as a significant other, he's on a quest to get even.

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And that would just be the start. ” I said, sitting upright. ” “Don’t give me a hard time, kid. ” “The ring, eh? It figures. Well, that’s it. ” He scraped the rest of the loot into a sack, leaving the ring on the table. ” “What? Oh, what you saw? That was an aura. Most people have them. Some places do, but it’s a sure test to check if an item is truly magical. ” “Neither do I. The last thing we need is to carry around a ring that shoots fire. Particularly if we don’t know how to activate it. Leave it.

Well, each dimension has a certain amount of power that can be channeled or converted into magik. Different dimensions have different amounts, and each dimension’s power is divided up or shared by the magicians of that dimension. If he can succeed in controlling or killing the other magicians in this dimension, he can use its entire magical energy to attack another dimension. If he succeeds in winning there, he has the power from two dimensions to attack a third, and so on. ” “I understand now,” I said, genuinely pleased and enthusiastic.

The intensity of the glow indicates the nearness to a force line; the direction of the points shows the flow of energies. Rather like the needle of a compass, whatever that is. Once we had determined that Garkin had set up shop directly on a force line, as Aahz had suspected, and established direction of the flow of energies, we had another problem. Which way did we follow it? The decision was doubly important as, if Aahz was correct, there would be a team of Imp assassins waiting in one direction, very probably in the direction we wanted to go.

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