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By Dennis McDougal

Randy Kraft was once extremely smart, politically energetic, dependable to his associates, dedicated to his work--and the killer of sixty seven people--more than the other serial killer recognized. This e-book bargains a glimpse into the darkish brain of a dwelling monster. "To open this e-book is to open a peephole into hell"

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One had long, dark hair, a favorite of the demons. Soon the couple parked the car near the corner of 33rd Avenue and 159th Street. Berkowitz parked behind them. Inside the car was Carl Denaro, a young man who was to soon enter the Air Force. Driving the car was Rosemary Keenan, eighteen, whose father was a New York City cop. Berkowitz approached the car, concealing the heavy gun under a denim jacket. He went to the passenger side of the car and fired five times through the window. Denaro was shot in the head, but miraculously Rosemary Keenan was not hit and she bolted from the car screaming.

Died of cardiac arrest while watching a Yankees game in his home S. Shot by multiple gunmen outside a Manhattan steakhouse T. Died after lingering in a coma for seven years following an assassination attempt Answers: 1-E 2-C 3-L 4-S 5-R 6-D 7-H 8-G 9-P 10-O 11-F 12-Q 13-B 14-J 15-T 16-K 17-M 18-A 19-I 20-N Gang/Organized Crime Jargon 1. Put out a contract: This is one of the most common names for a mob murder, used both by law enforcement personnel and mobsters. The threat of death is the ultimate weapon used by organized crime to control people.

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