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By Donald O. Pederson

Analog built-in Circuits for verbal exchange: rules, Simulation and layout, moment variation covers the research and layout of nonlinear analog built-in circuits that shape the foundation of present-day verbal exchange structures. either bipolar and MOS transistor circuits are analyzed and several other numerical examples are used to demonstrate the research and layout innovations constructed during this ebook.

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10 V1 (V) Fig. 7. Output voltages of EC pair. 10 V1 (V) Fig. 8. V(3) and V(6) shown on an expanded scale. As mentioned in Chapter 1, Spice can also be used to predict the distortion component generation. 9. Again, two ECPs are simulated, with the lower listing having an input voltage which is 10 times that of the upper ECP listing due to the scaling parameter of E1. For the upper ECP listing, V1 is assumed to be a sinusoid with a frequency of 100 kHz and a zero-to-peak amplitude of 10 mV. The frequency specification is arbitrary since no energy storage elements are included in the circuit or the devices.

4. In general, however, computer programs or circuit simulators must be used to solve (approximately) these equations. + VCC + VCC RC1 Ia V1 Ib RC2 Vo1 = V(3) Vo2 = V(6) (β FIb + β RIa) V2 = 0 Ib = IS exp( VB E) Vt βF IEE - VEE Fig. 5. Large-signal circuit of the EC pair. 6a. 6b are the dc node voltages in the circuit for input voltages of 0 V. 1 V. However, the output plots for Vo1 and Vo2 are virtually piece-wise-linear step functions. 7. 000D+04 (b) Fig. 6. (a) ECP circuit and Spice input file.

5) depending on the sign of a3 . 2), new components are added to each bi above, as symbolized with the notation, + . .. The harmonic distortion factors can again be introduced as is done in the previous chapters. 5) are used, |b2| |b1| 1 a2 ≈ ViA 2 a1 HD2 = |b3| |b1| 1 a3 2 ≈ V 4 a1 iA ... 7) A general expression for THD is usually too cumbersome for easy use. 2a. This circuit is simplified to concentrate on the essential nonlinear aspects by first identifying the bias elements and replacing them with pure sources.

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