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Layout and R&D engineers and scholars will price the entire, meticulous assurance during this quantity, which, lower than the professional editorial supervision of Gordon C. Oates, positive factors the invited paintings of well-known experts in airplane gasoline turbine engines.

Beginning with the elemental ideas and ideas of aeropropulsion combustion, chapters discover particular methods, boundaries, and analytical equipment as they endure on part layout.

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Ignition delay times for typical fuels are illustrated in Fig. 19. Below the spontaneous ignition temperature, an additional heat source must be utilized to allow temperatures to locally exceed the SIT. The most c o m m o n method of achieving this is the spark discharge. The necessary amount of energy release to achieve ignition is called the minimum ignition energy (MIE). The quantity varies very significantly with equivalence ratio as shown in Fig. 20 for the case of vapor fuel-air mixtures.

These include the heat of combustion, volatility and distillation characteristics, and flash point. The properties of current jet fuels, JP-4 (or Jet B), JP-8 (similar to Jet A), and JP-5 have been tabulated. Bibliography Barnett, H. C. and Hibbard, R. R. ), "Basic Considerations in the Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuels with Air," Propulsion Chemistry Division, Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory, NACA Rept. 1300, 1957. Fenimore, C. , Chemistry in Premixed Flames, Pergamon Press, New York, 1964. Frank Kaminetskii, D.

3 Importance of Turbulence to Chemical Reactions--Values of ( E . 0039 on the shear layer mixing zone, has been shown to be successful in correlating a number of combustion characteristics ranging from exhaust pollutants to stability. A final aspect of turbulence to be discussed here involves its effect on chemical reactions. During fuel-air mixing as well as in the reaction zone, the individual turbulent eddies can have widely differing values of fuel-air ratio and temperature. Because reaction rates are very sensitive to these variables [see Eq.

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