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VOL* CURR. 7 mH at point P4:J3 of Rasht city Water Pipeline. 9 mH at point P25:J28 of Rasht city Water Pipeline. 00 software. 1 Comparison of Present research results with other expert’s research Comparison of present research results (water hammer software modeling) with other expert’s research results shows similarity according to flowing: Jaime Suárez Acuña and Chaudhry have obtained pressure heads by the steady and unsteady friction model. 9). 9 (a) Starting flow driven by 2 m/s velocity rise in 30 seconds time; average = rigid column; oscillation = water hammer at midpoint(Jaime Suárez Acuña and Chaudhry, 1987), (b) Transmission Line without surge tank and in leakage condition.

It is most commonly caused by the acceleration and deceleration of the pumped fluid. Installing a pulsation dampener can provide the most cost efficient and effective choice. It can prevent the damaging effects of pulsation. The most current pulsation dampener design is the hydro-pneumatic dampener, consisting of a pressure vessel containing a compressed gas, generally air or Nitrogen separated from the process liquid by a bladder or diaphragm. 4 Column separations due to pump turned off. (Rasht city Water Pipeline Transmission Line with surge tank and in leakage condition) 32 Advances in Control and Automation of Water Systems The dampener can be installed as close as possible to the pump or quick closing valve and for charging to 85% of the liquid line pressure.

A. (1982). Transient conditions in the transition from gravity to surcharged sewer flow. 11. Savic, D. A. and Walters, G. A. (1995). Genetic algorithms techniques for calibrating network models. Report No. 95/12, Centre for Systems and Control Engineering. 12. Walski, T. M. and Lutes, T. L. (1994). Hydraulic Transients Cause Low-Pressure Problems. Journal of the American Water Works Association 75(2), 58‑62. 13. Wu, Z. Y. and Simpson, A. R. (2000). Evaluation of critical transient loading for optimal design of water distribution systems.

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