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Creating bad kamma is like this. As long as we continue to follow the old ways, there is no stopping. If we stop, then there is stopping. is is the practice of Dhamma. 51 P Be mindful and let things take their natural course, then your mind will become quiet in any surroundings. It will become still like a clear forest pool and all kinds of wonderful and rare animals will come to drink from it. en you will clearly see the nature of all things in the world. You will see many wonderful and strange things come and go.

But this is like taking a stone and covering up a smelly garbage pit. When you take the stone away, it’s still full of smelly garbage. You must use your concentration, not to temporarily bliss out, but to accurately examine the nature of the mind and body. is is what actually frees you. G We should investigate the body within the body. Whatever’s in the body, go ahead and look at it. If we just see the outside, it’s 37 not clear. We see hair, nails, and so on and they are just pretty things which entice us.

He’s crying for water! So he dips out a bit of water and swallows it down, finding it very tasty. He drinks his fill and gets so sick that he almost dies. He didn’t listen to the warning that was given to him because of his overpowering desire. is is how it is for a person caught in the pleasures of the senses. e Buddha taught that they are poisonous but he is thirsty and so he doesn’t listen. He drinks in sights, sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations and mind-objects and they are all delicious.

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