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By Kathryn Lasky

Because the struggle for women's suffrage heats up, Kathleen"Kat" Bowen will get to take part as her mom and her sister, etc on the subject of her arrange and act to win the perfect to vote.

January 19, 1917
The wooden line has been occurring for over per week! and folks acknowledged they wouldn't final an afternoon and the elements nonetheless has now not damaged. What's extra is information of the wood is spreading and a growing number of girls are coming from different elements of the district and a few from as distant as
Maryland and Virginia. President Wilson felt so sorry for them within the chilly that he invited them in for espresso yet they refused. They stated they might purely are available in to discuss a federal modification for the women's correct to vote. No espresso! This made me think about Sojourner Truth's phrases approximately males who support elevate girls into carriages and over dust puddles--that in fact is the simple half, similar to giving them espresso. Giving them the vote is the challenging half.

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Nothing,” he said quickly, which I knew really meant that something was going on. ” I said. He coughed a little. ” “Oh, nothing. Nothing,” I replied right back. We both knew we were lying, but I don’t want him to know that I might know about Uncle Bayard’s business problems with the gold mine. Children are not supposed to know stuff like that. I think people lie a lot, not really to deceive or mislead, just to get over the rough spots. There are a lot of rough spots these days. I know that Father is very worried about Mother.

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