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By Daniel Abraham

The robust city-state of Saraykeht is a bastion of peace and tradition, an immense heart of trade and alternate. Its financial system relies on the facility of the captive spirit, Seedless, an andat guaranteed to the poet-sorcerer Heshai for all times. input the Galts, a juggernaut of an empire dedicated to laying waste to all lands with their ferocious military. Saraykeht, although, has regularly been too powerful for the Galts to assault, yet now they see a chance. in the event that they can cast off Heshai, Seedless’s bonded poet-sorcerer, Seedless will perish and the full urban will fall. With mystery forces contained in the urban, the Galts organize to enact their poor plan.
In the center is Otah, an easy laborer with a fancy prior. Recruited to behave as a bodyguard for his girlfriend's boss at a mystery assembly, he inadvertently learns of the Galtish plot. Otah reveals himself because the sole desire of Saraykeht, both he stops the Galts, or the entire urban and everybody in it perishes without end.

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