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By Tom Farmer

Inside considered one of New England's such a lot notorious murders.

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Greineder had agreed to provide his clothing and sign a consent form. But now the detective wanted something else as well. It had occurred to him that he should take a look inside the doctor’s house and van. The only way he could make an inspection without a search warrant was with the owner’s permission. His request was met with silence from the doctor and his attorney. “I’d hate to have a pool of blood on your kitchen floor and not know about it,” Foley said. The stark comment seemed to jolt the doctor and his lawyer.

I’m right at the entrance where, where it’s blocked. And, and you got to have someone unlock the gate so the cars can get in,” the caller replied, growing frantic again. ” Parillo asked. “Dirk, Dirk, Greineder. G-R-E-I-N-E-D-E-R,” he responded, out of breath as he spelled his last name. “Okay. Listen. Listen to me,” Parillo ordered sternly. “Yeah,” the caller obeyed. “You need to relax,” Parillo ordered, finally gaining control of the conversation. “I have people on the way. But I can’t understand you.

Greineder began taking off his clothes, starting with the yellow windbreaker, while Mosely took pictures. When the doctor had stripped to his underwear, Foley noticed a fresh, red scratch on his chest and three more on his neck. ” the trooper asked. “I was wrestling with the dog,” the doctor replied. As Dr. Greineder began changing into his lawyer’s much larger clothes, Foley was again drawn to his hands. Several of his fingernails were dirty while the others appeared untrimmed. Foley thought it was odd a doctor would have dirt caked under his nails.

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