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By Norman Kemp Smith

Of all of the significant philosophical works, Kant's Critique of natural cause is likely one of the such a lot profitable, but probably the most tricky. Norman Kemp Smith's remark elucidates not just textural questions and minor matters, but additionally the important difficulties which come up, he contends, from the conflicting traits of Kant's personal pondering. Kemp Smith's statement is still well known with Kant students, and it's being reissued right here with a brand new creation by way of Sebastian Gardner to set it in its modern context.

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Know ledge starts neit her from sensedata no r from gene ral principles, but from th e com plex situa tion in wh ich the human race find s itself at the dawn of self-con sciousness. That sit uation is o rgan ised in terms of our men tal equ ipment; and thi s I Cf. below. pp. liii-iv. 2 Cf. below. pp . 45, 23~3. NATU RE O F CONSC IO USNESS xlv already exi sting, rudimentar y syste m is wh at h as made practi cabl e furth er ad vance; to create a system ab initio is altogether impossible. The starting -poi nt does not, however, by itself alone determi ne our concl usions .

Th e fundam enta l principle s upon which all experience an d all knowledge ulti mat ely rest are synthetic in n atu re: xl INTRODUCTION how is it possible that they should also be a priori? Such is the probl em tha t was Kant's trou blo us inheritance from his philosophical progenitors, Hum e and Leibni z.! III. GENERAL In indicati ng some of th e main features of Kant's general teaching, I sh all limit myself to those points whi ch seem most hel pful in preliminary orien tat ion , o r wh ich are necessar y fo r guard ing aga in st th e m isund erstand ing s likely to result from th e very rad ical cha nges in terminology and in outlook th at h ave occur red in th e h undr ed and thi rty yea rs sinc e the publica tion of the Criti que.

123 ff. It is dated Feb ruary 21, 1772. Ct. belo w. pp. 2 19-20. KANT'S RELAT ION TO H UM E xxxvii criticism of Hume.! What mor e probable th an th at he read the tra nslation in the year of its publicati on, or at least at some time not very long subsequent to the date of the letter to Herz? The passages wh ich Beattie qu otes from the Treatise are exact ly those th at were necessary to reveal th e full scope of Hume's revolu tionary teach ing in respect to the general principle of causality. There seem s, indeed .

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