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The Kua number is One. This section should be activated if you want to get ahead in your professional world. 32 S E C R E T S I X T E E N P a K u a The Wood Element represents the East. The Kua number is three. The color for this section is the color green. It is also the section for health. If you want the quality of your life to improve, along with your health this is the section that should be activated with green plants and bamboo. Bamboo is considered to be the best element to be placed in this section.

You can also buy a small little carved gourd called a “wu lou” and place it in this section. If you are an earth person, buy a crystal one; if you are a wood person, be sure to buy a wood one. If you are a water person, place a container with water in this section. If you are a fire person, place something with a little red (not too much) in this section to improve your health. I once did a consultation for a lady who was going through a divorce. She had recently moved from her home where the feng shui was bad, into a new home with good feng shui.

Placing a pair of crystal swans or mandarin ducks or a pair of anything in this section will activate love or romance. Crystal is the primary element for the southwest section, so anything made with crystal would be better. Bathrooms should never be located in this section of the house. A bathroom here is a sure sign of problems in a marriage. If a bathroom is located in this section and you have other bathrooms in the house, use the others and try not to use this one. Place a mirror on the door and keep the door closed at all times with the toilet seat down.

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